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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goal Oriented

I have always been a person who writes goals, who puts something in her mind and goes for it. Sometimes having goals down is even better. Holds me more accountable!

I love to read and reading blogs in a favorite pastime of mine. I got to reading a blog about how this woman has gone from a swimmer to a runner. She is totally inspirational. She has 4 kids, I have 4 kids. She loves sweets, I love sweets. She wrote out some goals she had for herself at the beginning of the year.

I decided I would write out some goals for myself this week and see how I did.

I had three different categories: Physical, Emotional, and Around the House.

First my Physical Goals were:
  1. Exercise 3x's a week, try hard for 5x's!  I exercised 3x's goal completed!
  2. No candy/desserts  **fail
  3. Start Couch to 5k program fail
  1. Make time for Jennie every day!  goal completed! Feel's good, too!!
  2. Have Family Home Evening  May not have been a traditional type, but we spend a lot of time together...completed!
  3. Do one act of service  Took dinner to a friend who just had a new baby (didn't feel like service at all!) 
Around the House:
  1. Dust  complete and utter failure!!
  2. clean off desk  see #1
  3. organize kids craft supplies see #1 and #2
 **On the "no candy/desserts" goal I feel like I am already deprived of so much yumminess. I am not eating dairy or chocolate or drinking soda right now. All of these things give my Love Bug an upset stomach causing her to spit up EVERYWHERE...like out the nose kind of nasty! So I have a hard time giving up the other kinds of desserts since that's all I've got!**

***I do have to say that since giving up soda and anything with aspartame in it...I feel so wonderful. I don't feel sluggish anymore. I don't crave things anymore and I feel as though my belly does not protrude as much as it once did. This could also be due to the no chocolate no dairy rules also.*** 

I feel like I did a great job on my emotional goals. Sometimes having time to yourself and then doing things for others makes a huge difference. It feels good to forget oneself and do something nice for others.       

I am pretty proud of myself this week. I could have done better, but for what I did, I am proud! I do need to get better about doing things around my house. Not that I keep a dirty house because I don't, but it's the little things that get pushed off and pushed off that I need to stay on top of!  A lot of times I would much rather stare at my 4 sweet kids or hang out with Oswald than clean my house...let's be honest!

Oh and one other tid-bit of information...a friend recommended Borax to me and I bought some and I am completely in love! My towels are fluffy and smell wonderful. It got melted crayon out of some clothes. It is pretty much ah-maze-ing!

Do you set goals for yourself to accomplish? What categories do you separate them into? Any good blogs you love to read that I should start following?


  1. Giving up soda can be so hard! But it is worth it. When I gave it up I could tell just how much I was having by all the headaches I started to get. Keep up the great work!

  2. I do have a new set of goals every week. I have chore goals (different every day but every week it is the same chores), work out goals, drink water, read, and something like craft or this week it is getting ready for our trip. I write them down and color in boxes and at the end of the week I could total of boxes and total I accomplished and give myself a grade. It is helping me become me because my varrying goal is something I love to do. If I don't have a goal to do it I won't and then I feel like no body. Doing the goals makes me happy:)


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