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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Open and Honest

Here I am almost 14 weeks after having baby #4. I have bumps in places I don't want bumps. I make Optimis have "big guns" and there's really nothing I can do about that. I am just not looking the way I really want to look.

I have been trying to guard what I put in my mouth: more veggies and fruit...less processed junk. I have been exercising 4-5 times a week for the last 3 weeks and today when I went to the dr's office to stand on the scale...it had not even budged an entire pound! Kind of seriously frustrating! 

I know that things are happening because my clothes are fitting me differently and I am able to put on pants that I hadn't worn since before I got pregnant. 

It's really and truly humbling to see yourself in pictures...because that's the way the outside world sees you. Kind of scary! 

I had a goal to be down 20lbs by the time I got to Arizona in September. I can still lose 20lbs in 60 days...I am going to keep running because I find it totally fun and relaxing. I ran almost a whole mile today without stopping! It was so exciting to track what I had run in my truck and see the odometer hit 0.9 and I still had to keep driving!! It's amazing for someone who has never been a runner to enjoy this so much!

Then if Oswald has gone into work super early, this is how I get my exercise. On my laptop while my kids watch a little TV. (I never thought I would let the TV babysit my kids, but if it means I can work out for 30 minutes...then the TV is a great babysitter!)

I took my measurements today...and even though I am not willing to share my weight right now...I will share my sizes.

Bust: 43 inches
Waste: 40inches
Hips: 45inches

Next Monday I will take my measurements again...here's hoping they go down!!


  1. good job jennie! seriously nothing is more frustrating than working so hard and not seeing the numbers change. i have been there, too, my friend! in the past, i've noticed that for me it takes my body a while to catch up to the idea that i am trying to lose weight! the first few weeks i hardly saw a difference, and then one week i would get on the scale and be 5 or more pounds down!

    i also don't really ever see my weight go down (no matter what i'm doing) when my baby is still so little and i'm nursing so much. so don't get so discouraged about that. you are doing good things for your body by eating better and exercising, even if the numbers don't reflect it. your body has been programmed to hold on to fat while your nursing to create some rich milk for that baby. it will just take a little while longer to re-program that and tell your body "i don't need all this fat to keep making rich milk!" :)

    and you look better than you think. and i share your bumps that make optimus have big guns too. it's one of the things i hate most about my body, and it just makes me laugh to think that women pay tons of money to get what i have naturally and don't want! :)

  2. Very Brave! I admire your honesty and your courage. I feel sure that all your effort and perservance will bring the payoff eventually. You did not gain weight in three weeks and your body did not change dramatically in 3 weeks. If you can see changes in the clothes you wear there is change going on. Be patient and stay motivated. I am very impressed with your running workouts. Go Jennie, Go! Get "Forrest" out there running with you! LOL Love and best wishes for your happiness and well being!

  3. You are so awesome and I think you are beautiful !

    Whip yourself back into the shape you want to be over time. Doing it while you are still young is so much easier than when you are older !!!

  4. Go easy on your self. It took you awhile to put it on because of those sweet babies do it will take awhile to work it off. You are not alone. I am torn between working hard to loose weight but knowing that I might be pregnant again soon. Just think about what you would say to sweet Maylee if she was in this situation and that is what you should say to yourself.

    Toni W

  5. Keep Up the good work! You are so awesome for getting into a running routine!

  6. Definitely be patient with yourself! But SO proud of you for your hard work, regardless of what the scale says right now. It will happen--it may just take time!

  7. It doesn't matter how much you lose or how skinny you get if you don't love your body. I realized that a little bit ago and I am so much happier. GoodLooking and I are trying to lose weight right now and I am having a slow go at it but even as the scale snails along I still love my body.
    Another note, you are doing better than me on the running thing. I couldn't run a whole mile till Honey was 5 months I think.


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