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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Is having a brother to a boy like having a sister is to a girl? Do brothers love each other just as much as sisters love each other?

I will never know the answer to these questions from personal experience, but I do know that I am so thankful that these two boys have each other.

Growing up I had 4 brothers...one big and three little...I still have these same 4 brothers only now they are all bigger than me! But to have a sister is completely different than to have brothers. Do boys feel the same way?

Oswald only had sisters, so he didn't know the joys of brothers until we got married and even then only on rare occasions because we have lived so far away from everyone else. When his sisters got married he gained brothers, but for the majority of our married life we've lived away from all of the brothers-in-law.

These two brothers play cars together. They wrestle together. They shower together. They swim together. They throw dirt together. And they get into mischief together.

Just the way it should be!

I love my brothers and I am glad to have them in my life.

I love my sister and I am blessed to have one.

Let's hope that these two cute girls are as good of friends as their brother's are!!

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  1. Your kids are so fortunate to have you all as parents and to be born close in age. I was 7 when my brother was born, so we are close but I was almost 17 when my sister was born, I moved out after graduating from High School and she was 4 when I got married and moved out of state for good. Sadly, I still don't know her very well.


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