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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cell Phone Purge

I love looking at pictures from my cell phone. I don't know what I ever did before I had a camera on my phone...I'm pretty sure I missed out on capturing gems like these...

My Little Man probably at about 9 months old!

My Princess fell asleep on the way to Target this day holding her apple in her hand!

My Buddy playing dress-up's at Beesha's house. The more clothes you can put on the more awesome you look!

My Love Bug just days old..."Man, my life is rough!"

I find gems that my kids took...mostly videos.
I'm having a rough time getting them to open...but trust me, my kids take some awesome videos of the floor, the backs of peoples heads or even peoples bellies. I get a kick out of watching what they see from their vantage point.

Do your kids ever get their hands on your phone and take crazy pictures? What's the most awesome picture they've ever taken?

--The best picture ever taken on my phone was by my Princess. She was with me at a doctor's appointment, so I gave her my phone to keep her quite. She took a picture of me 8 months pregnant, on the table at the OBGYN (I was fully clothed, people)! It looks as though she might have been sitting on the floor because it was the most flattering angle I have ever seen. Yuck! I got rid of that picture fast!!

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