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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest: Pass or Fail

This is the Pinterest Test of the dish wand filled with 50% white Vinegar and 50% Dawn dish soap.

I have a stand-up shower in my bathroom. The first time ever that my shower and bathtub have not be combined. I really despise cleaning the shower. I can never reach where I want to get without climbing completely inside and then when I'm inside I feel like I'm suffocating on fumes. So I try to avoid it at all costs. 

When I saw this pin, I thought how cool to just scrub it down when I'm in the shower before it got really nasty! So the other day after the swimming pool, my Princess got to be my hand and foot model. She climbed in the shower and got to scrubbing.

This pin gets a Pass! It is super simple and saves a great deal of time!

I do have a few suggestions for you if you decide to go this route.
1. clean the shower first and use this as maintenance. This did not seem to clean as sparkly as actual cleaners (the first time around). Now that I have been using it for a week, it has stayed really clean and I love it.
2. Beware of the vinegar smell. My shower smelled so much like vinegar even Oswald commented on it!
3. This is good for the hard water stains and any dirtiness you may encounter, but it probably won't clean any mildew splotches and it won't make your shower white again (it's not bleach, after all)! 

But I give this pin a 100% PASS! And what's even better...the kids can help clean the shower now too! No toxic fumes!!!

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