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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"weigh-in" or should I say "measure-in"

Totally random picture I know, but these are the family decals I got for mother's day this year...I love 'em!

It's not easy to post pictures of a body you don't really like. It's not easy to make yourself vulnerable to all of the internet world. It's not easy to post your fears in hopes that people will take it easy on you, be gentle to the things you're the most insecure about.

But I did it...and guess what...it wasn't that bad. All positive comments. Such great feedback that I was even more motivated to change and to make myself better.

Some of my favorite comments were: (paraphrasing)

-Just think about what you would say to sweet Princess if she was in this situation and that is what you should say to yourself.

-i also don't really ever see my weight go down (no matter what i'm doing) when my baby is still so little and i'm nursing so much. so don't get so discouraged about that. you are doing good things for your body by eating better and exercising, even if the numbers don't reflect it. your body has been programmed to hold on to fat while your nursing to create some rich milk for that baby. it will just take a little while longer to re-program that and tell your body "i don't need all this fat to keep making rich milk!" :)

- If you can see changes in the clothes you wear there is change going on. Be patient and stay motivated

-Whip yourself back into the shape you want to be over time. Doing it while you are still young is so much easier than when you are older !!!

-It will happen--it may just take time!

Encouraging words always help!

I had no idea that my body was storing fat to help make my Love Bug "fat" in all the right ways!! I have never been a very patient person. I like instant gratification! I want things and I want them now! If only this worked the same way! Staying motivated seems to be working this time around. I really want to run a 5k and now have a friend that I run with once a week. It's nice to run with someone makes the time go by quick.

Now for what I did this week:
Monday: Ran my neighborhood 1 mile
Tuesday: Ran neighborhood 1.5 miles
Wednesday: ran with my friend 2.5 miles!!!  Whoot! Whoot!
Thursday: Played outside with my kids for 2 hours! We ran, roller bladed, hula hooped. 
Friday: Ran my neighborhood 1 mile
Saturday: rested
Sunday: rested

I am already super motivated this week. I have a date with my running friend to go out again tomorrow morning!

Official numbers:
Bust 42.5
Waist: 41.5 (I don't understand why it went up!)
Hips/butt: 45 went down .5 inches!! (that's what I'm talking about!!)

Slow and steady is what's going to win this race!!


  1. Keep it up mama! I am impressed you are exercising every day! I don't even do that. Maybe I should.

  2. YOU GO GIRL! Look how much more you moved this week! SO IMPRESSED!


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