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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Singing in the Rain

We've had some doozies of rain storms the last few weeks. I love the rain. Growing up in Arizona we never had lots of rain, so when it rains here all of my insides smile!

The one difference between a rainstorm in Arizona and anywhere else is the smell. When it rains in AZ, it smells like wet dirt. I love the smell of wet dirt! Call me crazy, but there's something nostalgic about it for me.

Every time it rains, I try to convince my kids to go play in it. My Princess needs no convincing, but for some reason my Buddy doesn't like to get wet. But today he went for it! They splashed in puddles, they played in the water coming out of our rain gutters, they had a blast!

What a fun way to get some exercise and to expend a little bit of energy! These kids are so cute...maybe next time I'll go play in the rain!


  1. And why weren't YOU out there playing, too? I can't help myself when it rains. I HAVE to get in it!!


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