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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Man's Birthday

The only thing my Little Man wanted for his birthday this month was a Mickey Mouse cake...this is only the 3rd Mickey cake I've had to make for my kids. But for my Little Man, I went with a different style.

He got a two tiered cake. He thought it was so cool and he kept calling it is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake."

We invited some of our friends over to celebrate this cute little 2 year old's birthday! We made sure we had some Hot Dog, Hot Dogs, hot diggity dogs...to go with the Mickey theme! Lucky me they're also something Little Man really enjoys!

He loved being sung to...but let's be honest...who doesn't love being sung Happy Birthday to you! He loved all of the attention he got on his big day!!

And the traditional family photo. I love these people's guts! They are so much fun to be around, and I am one lucky lady to have them as a part of my life!!

Coming up: Hockey videos and my Princess turns 5!


  1. So fun! Finley has just started getting into Mickey and I think he might be him for Halloween. Love the cake too. I want a close up of it though!

  2. What a big lump of oowwie, goowwie sugar that boy is! Such a pleasant, happy disposition always. Hard to believe he is already 2! Time is flying... Love all the pictures! Happy Birthday Max, one in a million! Love to all, Beesha


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