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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Birthday Celebration!!

My Princess turned 5 this past week! She has been talking about being 5 since the day she turned 4! For some reason she was super excited to turn 5!

For her birthday we did lots of celebratory things...

We went to her school, brought food and ate lunch with her! My Little Man loves to sit at the cafeteria tables! She got to take a cookie around to each of the kids in her class.

She wanted to go swimming for her birthday party...so we went swimming! It has kind of cooled down here in Georgia, so the water had a little cold edge to it! But the pool is the best part about having a birthday in August!!

She had lots of friends come over and swim...squirt water guns...and jump off the side together!!

We had pizza for dinner and cupcakes for dessert! The cupcake recipe is from DC cupcakes and were super yummy...but oh.my.goodness. that frosting was TO.DIE.FOR!!!

I think it's really important that the birthday kid feels special on their big day!

And feel special she did!! She got to go get her ears pierced! She told my mom on the phone that she was going to get "holes in my ears!" I love it!!

She didn't even flinch when they pierced her ears!! She was such a champ. She's letting me clean them with no problems! I think 5 is the perfect age to get your ears pierced!! Every time I look at them, it makes me happy and I just think about how much she loves them!


  1. What a big girl! I can't believe she did so great getting her ears pierced!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you were able to squeeze everything you could out of her birthday! What a fun day for a fun girl! I love the picture of her holding her cupcake! So cute and so happy! Happy Birthday to a very specail girl! Let me know when she is able to wear different earrings, because there are lots out there!


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