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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So I have been trying to lose my baby bump for a few months now. I have started a running regime and I am really enjoying getting out and being active. It's really nice to get outdoors and enjoy some vitamin D and some adult conversation.

I have been working out in some of my Red Wings t-shirts that my father-in-law has given me over the years. There have been times where I could not pull the shirt down over my hips...but now they're looking really huge on me!!

I feel like I looked as if I was wearing Oswald's clothes...and to be honest...my pants were about to fall off my body at a moments notice.

So I spoiled myself and spent a whopping $10 and got some new work-out clothes!!

Don't clothes that fit make me look at much slimmer and better?

I am totally psyched about the way I look! I am still not exactly where my "dream weight/size" would be, but hey, I'm losing...and that's what matters!!

I have been counting Weight Watcher's points for 5 weeks and I am having a lot of success with that! The other day, I pulled my pants off without unbuttoning them! So I busted out my clothes that are a smaller size...such a good feeling to pull them on without any hassle!!

Sorry, they're not the best pictures...from my phone and then my internet is very special some times...and when there's a storm outside...it's even more special!!

But there I am..feeling good and even more inspired to fight the fat!!  To see a couple of before pictures, click here and here!

I just looked at those posts...and HOLY COW!! My body has really changed thanks to eating right and exercising!!


  1. jennie
    you look so cute in your new work out clothes. good for you girl! i thought of you when i was watching the olympics and those "put your goals online" commercials would come on. you are doing such great things. it's slow ans steady wins the race my friend. keep it up and you'll keep seeing the changes you want. :) i'm proud of you!

  2. Good Job Jennie! I know it seems like it is taking forever to get back to where you want to be, but in realty it has been only a little over a month and you are seeing the changes already! Congratulations! Maybe you can give me some pointers.

  3. Yipee! Go Jennie! I am on Weight Watchers too! I have lost 5 and 1/2 pounds, but I also haven't been exercising! I gotta get on that bandwagon next!

  4. YOU GO GIRL! SOOOOO proud of ya! And you're looking AMAZING!!

  5. WOOO HOOO! Looking great mama! Keep it up!

  6. You look awesome!! And are totally inspiring... I need to get my butt in gear, I'm not so fond of all the jiggling my body does right now... (and yes, petite people jiggle too:) ) Also, our internet is special too so I totally relate to that:) Makes me miss NC!

  7. LOL @ you standing on your bathtub! So cute :) Great job.

  8. Way to go!!! Even though I'm seeing tons of changes I'm nervous about posting pics. Keep it up, friend!!!


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