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Monday, August 6, 2012

What to do...

With my big kids in school all day, I sit around the house and wonder what to do. My Little Man and my Love Bug are the same ages my big kids were once upon a time...and I don't remember what I did with my time. I must have had the cleanest house, is all I can think of!

I have been quite productive. I have cleaned and organized my closet. I put away all of my maternity clothes (4 months after she's born!), got rid of some clothes that no longer fit and it looks like I have no clothes in my closet anymore. I guess it's time to go shopping!

I have read a book. Took a whopping 2 days! I did not read it constantly, but I do remember reading a lot of books when my big kids were little.

I have also started, and now I am half way finished, crocheting an afghan for a friend. I can only do this when my Little Man is asleep! It's amazing how busy he is.

So most of my day is spend changing stinky diapers and being kissed by the cutest almost 2 year old!

I do have lots of things I would like to get done before we go to Arizona, but I'm pretty stressed about some things right now. We each have different struggles in life and I just have my struggles right now. I know things will work out, they always do, but actually handing it off is the hard part. Actually accepting the challenge and then doing all I can and letting the Lord do the rest is the hard part.

I am thankful for the challenges that I have because other people have much harder challenges than I do. I would not change the things I have to face for the things others in my life have to face.

Life is hard, but everything works out in the end!

Sorry to get all deep and philosophical on you, but my heart is just heavy and full of stress right now.

No need to worry, I have some cute kids to help distract my mind and remind me what life is all about! 

What are some things you do with your kids when they're little? Help me remember what I used to do...I'm really drawing a blank!!


  1. I am sure he would love the library...have you seen if they have a toddler reading time? I LOVE reading books to my girls. We also make a schedule. It roughly goes like this:
    7:00 breakfast
    after breakfast they can listen to music (they love to dance) or play while I do chores (cleaning the kitchen usually) then I usually sit with them and read books for a while or play with them
    9:00 bath and get dressed
    10:00 watch Sesame Street and have a snack
    11:00 more play (sometimes they go outside and I fold clothes or do other chores)
    12:00 lunch
    then more playing
    1:00ish (whenever baby K goes to sleep we have quiet time which means they watch a show and have a rest on the floor)while they rest I read and rest too! :)
    3:00 playing until dinner
    We try and visit friends, play at the park and go to the library every week too. Sometimes I take them shopping, but that is proving to be too much for me lately. We usually do these fun things between 10 and lunch or after 3...depending when I need to get out of the house!
    I really am thinking about making their play time a bit more structured...maybe having a schedule that has pictures of their toys...so it would have a time (or I would have a timer) and they could pick what they wanted to play with and then learn to put it back (clean up) before they play with something else...maybe someday when I have time! ;)

    1. Kendra--
      Those are awesome ideas! I need to do story time with the little ones. Our story time doesn't start for a couple more weeks, but when it does, we'll be there!!


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