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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Frustration Plantation...

Today was my day to measure myself. And I did.

Waste: 40 inches up .5 inches from last week  :(
Hips: 44 inches up .5 from last week :(

Such a bummer when you feel like you're doing everything you can and you the scale goes up instead of down. I know there will be an ebb and flow of these kinds of things, but it's still hard to actually see it.

There are also the times when I feel like I look really good, then I see myself in the mirror at a side angle and I remember that I'm not super skinny yet!

I was thinking today, "Why did I let myself get so big? I know the right way to eat and that I need to continually exercise, but still I got big."

I can only use the "I just had a baby 4 months ago" excuse for so long. I am not being hard on myself, just realistic! Normally seeing the inches go up would have made me lose my resolve and I would have eaten every cupcake in my fridge. But I am proud to say that did not happen today. No.

I put on my big girl panties, laced up my sneakers, ate some eggs and cantaloupe for breakfast and got my sweat on (granted the amount of sweat was small because exercising at home with a toddler --especially my toddler--is pretty darn difficult!)

So today my great accomplishment was to overcome myself--and I did!

As far as workout's last week, I pretty much rocked it!

Monday: 30 minute workout DVD
Tuesday: ran 2.5 miles walked .5
Wednesday: nothing...school started and this has really thrown my exercising off!
Thursday: ran 2.5 miles walked .5 in under 35 minutes!!  *whoot, whoot*
Friday: 30 minute workout DVD
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: nothing

So many days of not exercising is hard on me...I feel like a big fat lazy bum. Hopefully this weekend I can try to get some more exercise in even though it's way more fun to hang out with my family and watch the Olympics!!


  1. I think measuring your waist is hard. I can measure my waist and get 3 different measurements in the span of 5 minutes. Don't get frustrated! keep it up!

    1. I wish this was like Facebook - I just want to "Like" your comment! :)

    2. That is so true! Today I just don't want to exercise, but I really need to because the fat cannot win!! I lost my favorite DVD and my Love Bug is asleep, so walking right now is out the window!

  2. You are doing fabulous...maybe you shouldn't measure yourself so much...when I was training with a physical trainer at a gym I only measured twice a month or maybe it was once a month. Keep on doing what you are doing and be positive! :)

    1. Kendra--
      You're right, I should probably just measure once a month or every other week...I just want to see results soooo bad!!

  3. I've vowed not to get on the scale until I've completed our 60 days of Insanity. I think we have to account for the fact that we haven't been active in a while and for the first month, or so, of REALLY focusing on weight loss it's all about your body adjusting. Keep it going, stay focused, and find a time where you can get that workout in around the kids. Finding a consistent time everyday was really key for us.


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