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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


One of my younger brothers has horse property. He an arena in his backyard, or better yet, I should just say his backyard is an arena.

My kids don't remember ever riding Blacky before, so this was a "new" experience for them. And they just loved it!

My mom took the kids out on the horse because my brother was still on his ride home from work. My Buddy wanted to ride by himself and go super fast.

My mom was terrified that my Princess was going to fall off because she refused to hold onto my mom's waist. She got off and was instantly asking her daddy to buy her a horse!

Even my Little Man got in on the action. He loved Blacky.  Grandma was a good sport to take all the kids. I just didn't feel comfortable enough to take them out on the horse on my own.

Oswald even got on a went for a ride! He has never been on a horse ever before in his life! Blacky is very sensitive to movement because my brother has him trained for roping. Oswald mush have twitched his leg just right (or wrong) and blacky took off at a steady gallop! Oswald was pretty shocked and I think his hear might have even skipped a beat!

I did get on the horse, too! When I was about the same age as my Buddy, I went to a birthday party where every kid got on a horse. I was enjoying my time when my horse got spooked. I got bucked off and I have been slightly afraid of horses every since. But I will never give up the chance to ride one!

Then, when my brother got home, he took all of the kids for a ride and they roped some cattle. The kids got to go super duper fast and see how their Uncle rides a horse. It was so cool!

I thought my kids might never leave his house! They had so much fun. I had so much fun! Seeing how happy these horses and cows made my kids, made me long to live in Arizona. I want my kids to have cousins close. I want my kids to have opportunities to ride horses whenever they want and with Uncle S around, they could! 

Plus, my dad has a horse that will soon be broken. Even more fun for the kids to have at any moment. We has such a fun time and we just might have to make this pilgrimage out to Arizona a yearly tradition!


  1. fun jennie! can you believe this is what michael does for a living - goes around the country and talks to guys like your dad and your uncle and watches them ride to see how their jeans fit while they're riding? it sounds like a dream job you make up when you're 10. :)

  2. Looks like loads of fun and excitement! Blacky was a pretty good sport to ride a bunch of yahoos! Especially that big kid, Blacky was probably trying to run away! LOL Believe it or not, I use to ride horses alot as a kid. I had several friends with horses, not one of my own. Lots of fun!


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