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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DisneyWorld 2013 Day 1

My family and I went to Disney this last week. My kids get lots of breaks from school during the year, which is really nice! It means we have a shorter summer, but the breaks are much needed during the school year.

We have never taken our family to Disney, so we decided to give it a go and take them to the most Magical Place on Earth.

We started our trip by going to Jacksonville to visit our family there, then Monday morning, as soon as we were up and ready to go, we drove the last 3 hours to Orlando.

We spent this part of the day at the Animal Kingdom, to be honest, I didn't think it would be the most exciting of parks and that my kids might not really like it very much, but BOY I was WRONG!!

We got to meet Camp Mickey at Animal Kingdom! I thought for sure my kids would be scared, at least my Little Man, but no he was in love with every character we met!

Mickey was smitten with my Love Bug, probably because he has never seen such a cute baby! She just loved to look at him and touch his big hands.

We also got to meet Goofy and Pluto! My Little Man stood in line to get their autographs! Talk about so much fun seeing all of your favorite TV people in REAL LIFE!!

The rides were kind of tricky, the big kids wanted to go on every ride, but my Little Man and Love Bug can't go on all of them. So they had to take turns riding rides and going on rides that the littler kids enjoyed, too!

We watched the parade before we headed home for the night. Unfortunately this is as close to Minnie as we got this trip. My kids didn't really want to meet her for some reason!

All in all, day one was a huge success and we had a lot of fun!

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