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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DisneyWorld 2013 Day 2

Day 2 was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This park has a lot of fun stuff for kids of all ages! When we first walked in, Oswald and my Buddy headed over to see if they could do the Jedi Experience, but they were 5 people too slow. :(

While they were doing that, we walked right over and "red carpet" Donald and Daisy!

After meeting Donald and Daisey, we rode the Star Tours ride. My kids loved that ride. It is 3D and made me really sick! I am not a fan of those kinds of rides.

We enjoyed a quick lunch and then stood in line to ride the Toy Story Ride! We got to the front of the line and of course my Princess and my Little Man both have to use the potty! But how can you go to Disney Hollywood Studios and not do the Toy Story ride??

After we rode the ride, we walked across the "street" and got to meet Buzz and Woody!

My kids loved meeting Buzz and Woody! Talk about a highlight! All of the characters were so kind and sweet with each kid they met! They made them all feel like they were the most important person there!

But the best part is when we got to meet, ka-chow and Mater!!

The big kids went on a couple of roller coasters while the little kids and I went and met a few more characters!

This kid still talks about getting to meet Jake! So much fun for him to see his "friends" come to life!!

Day 2 was hot and the park was more crowded than we expected! We went to Disney knowing that we would have hard times, that we would have good moments and bad moments, but we also knew that we would learn from this experience to make next time even better.


  1. So fun! What a great family trip! Very jealous over here!

    1. Natalie! It was so much fun! Completely exhausting, but my kids had a blast! More posts to come! :)

    2. Natalie! It was so much fun! Completely exhausting, but my kids had a blast! More posts to come! :)


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