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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Disney World Day 6

We asked our kids what their favorite ride was and they said the water ride at Animal Kingdom!! So back to the Animal Kingdom we went!

There were so few people at the park this early in the morning that my family rode this ride 3 times in a row...one time they didn't even get off, just went back around again!

My boys loved this ride...and my Little Man loved it the most of everyone! They would wave to me as they went under the lookout place where Love Bug and I stood!

They all got soaked from head to toe, but loved every minute of it!

We went on walking tours of a bird aviary and also through some "Asian jungles" and got to see many exotic Asian animals.

My favorite part had to be the Jeep Safari Ride! So much fun to see all of those HUGE animals so close! We actually had to stop the Jeep because a family of deer were crossing in front of our path!

Animal Kingdom was a hit and will definitely be visited again!

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