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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Things I learned at Disney

I learned many important lessons in my week at Walt Disney World, and because I am so super awesome, I will share them with you. Hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes!

1. You can bring any amount of food or snacks into the parks. We did not do the dining plans and that worked out just fine, but we bring lots of snacks and out lunches into the park everyday.

2. Have lots and lots of water! Even though it's humid as a muggy swamp in Florida, you still need your water. You may not think you need as much water, but it is absolutely essential!

3. If you have a crappy attitude, everyone will have a crappy attitude. Let the big kids know that they're going to have to compromise and go on rides that the little kids want to do, even if they think those rides are lame! Everyone needs to give a little to enjoy a fun family vacation!

4. The most important thing I learned while at Disney was to just chill and go with the flow! No family is perfect, I watched a 4 year old pitch a screaming fit and thought to myself, "Phew, it's not just my kids who don't act perfect all the time". When Oswald and I changed our attitudes about things, the parks got much more fun.

Take advantage of the stroller swap passes.

and fast passes

and the indoor rides.

Remember you're making memories! We must have done something right because my Buddy wants to live in Orlando now! 

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