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Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling the Spirit of Christmas

I have been bitten by Scrooge or maybe I have been secretly transformed into the Grinch, but whatever it is, I cannot get into the holiday spirit. 

I love the hustle and bustle of the season. I love going into shops and seeing them in all their Christmas glory. I love the smell of a fire burning. I love to bake yummy Christmas goodies.

But for some reason this year, nothing is helping. I've bought gifts, which I'm hiding in my bathroom! (good thing my kids don't read yet, huh?) I've baked Christmas cookies. I've been listening to music all month long. We've trimmed the tree and decked the halls (as much as this apartment's gonna get decked) and nothing, nothing is helping with my Grinchiness! (probably not a word, but it works!)

We watching the Christmas Devotional tonight and it's hard not to feel the spirit when the Prophet and Apostles are speaking! President Monson has a way of warming your heart and bringing the spirit into a room. He truly is a Prophet of God!

I am excited for the Christmas. I wish I could do some service for someone, that might make my heart feel the true spirit of the season a little more fully. 

I keep thinking about my kids and teaching them the importance of Christmas and what it means that our Savior was born. What it means that He died. What it means that He lived on this earth and that He will live again. I want to teach them all of these important concepts and have them cling to that knowledge. I want them to live their lives so that when people see them, they will really being seeing our Savior. I want my kids to know that I have a testimony of the restored gospel of Christ. I know He was born in a stable to a virgin who trusted in her Heavenly Father. I know He came to this earth with a purpose. I know He suffered in Gesthamane for my sins. I know He died on the cross for me and because of that I can live again. I know that because of the temple, my family can be together forever. This is what I want my kids to know. I want them to know that their mother has a testimony. That it burns inside her heart and warms her entire being.

I am thankful for this beautiful time of year when not only do we get to look at beautiful lights, eat yummy food, and open gifts, but we get to remember the greatest gift we have ever been given: the gift of our Lord and Savior.

I think the Grinchiness has left and I am really feeling the true meaning of Christmas...

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