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Friday, December 17, 2010

We had to get out...the one where I almost lost my cotton-pickin mind!

I am one of these mom's who loves to be home with her kids. I will transform Transformers all day long. I will put dress-up's on and take dress-up's off time and time again. I will do puzzles and read books. I will color and let my kids cut paper into teeny tiny pieces.

I love being able to stay home with them...but sometimes...I get so close to my breaking point and today was one of those days!

It's been cold and rainy. Being an Arizona girl, I don't like days upon days of dreary weather. I like the sun. I like to feel it's warmth on my skin.

Being cooped up for days on end combined with whiny kids is at times more than I can handle.

So that afternoon when Oswald called and said he would be much later than he expected, which happens a lot these days, I told my kids, "Get your shoes on, coats on, and let's go!"

20 minutes later, we found ourselves in the parking lot of a big box store. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find out what My Buddy would want for his birthday.

We wound our way through the clothes and baby stuff and into the toy section. They picked up everything they could find. They pushed buttons and rolled cars along the isles. I know it's probably not the best place to entertain my kids, but these helmets were fantastic.

What a fun way to get out...and keep me from losing my cotton-pickin mind!

What do you do to keep your sanity on days when the sun is not shining and your kids keep whining?

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