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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Children's books

My dad reading a book to My Buddy

I love to read. I read at every chance I get. I am the kind of person who will read the back of the shampoo and conditioner bottles. I will read anything I can get my hands on.

I got my love of reading from my parents. As a child, I remember going to the library with my mom. I remember getting my first library card. I remember how special (and old) I felt having the librarian scan my card and then scan the books. My. Very. Own. Books!

As I have grown older, I see my parents reading books. My mom used to read for fun, now she's reading text books. My dad reads finance books. He's always been a reader, the Wall Street Journal and business magazines. My dad has quite the collection and tries to get his kids to read these books as well. Maybe if I did, I'd be rich myself?

My favorite book when I was my kids ages was "Are You My Mother?" I am not sure who wrote it, but I loved that book so much I even wrote on the pages. It's about a baby bird who gets separated from his mother and goes around to a whole bunch of other animals asking them in they are his mother. He eventually finds his mother and she wraps him in her arms. It's a tender story that brings back fond memories of my childhood and why I love my own mother.

My Buddy has a book called "Hugs and Kisses." It's about a dog who gets up early one morning to see who has the best kiss. He kisses a duck, a pig, a horse, a butterfly, and a few other animals. When he finally returns home, his mother gives him a kiss and he decides that her's is the best kiss of all.

Just sweet books about mothers. I hope my kids feel tender feelings about me as their mother!

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  1. I'm going to go read with my babies right now!!!

  2. Are You My Mother was written by PD Eastman. :-)
    It's a favorite around here.
    Having parents who read and take them to the library makes a big difference in a child's attitude about reading.

  3. I am the same way! I am ALWAYS reading stuff--I feel so bored if I am not! :)

    That is a classic book! Such a great one!! I am sure that the reading you do will stand as an example and leave some very tender memories for your sweet little ones!

  4. Our family's favorite trips were to the bookstore so we could each get our own books to read together. My mom is now fulfilling her lifelong dream and owns her own children's bookstore. We always know what gifts we'll be getting from her!

  5. We love the library too! We were so sad when we moved to our current community to find out there was not a library! We actual would have to purchase a library card!!! Crazy huh? But now after almost four years of buying a card each family in our community gets one free library card. So my kids still don't have the pleasure of their own card - which I too remember feeling so grown up to have my own library card - but at least we don't have to pay for it!


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