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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mormon Does NOT = BYU Fan

Me, Christmas 2006

Don't get me wrong I am not a hater. If BYU is playing, I will cheer for them in football, basketball, volleyball, whatever the sport. But there are other teams that take priority in my life.

I am an Arizona girl. If ASU, U of A, of NAU is playing, I'm rooting for them. If the Cardinals are playing, I'm rooting for them. If the Suns are play, you guessed it, I'm their number 1 cheerleader. And let's not even talk about the Diamondbacks! Love them!

But in our house, it can get a little confusing. Oswald loves Michigan. All things Michigan. It's not very often, if ever, Michigan is playing against an Arizona team. So the conflicts never arise there, but when the Cardinals play the Jacksonville Jaguars, you better believe that Oswald and I are on different sides of the fence. His colors are for the Jags and mine are for anything Arizona.

So what happens when two Mormons (LDS) have allegiance for other teams, and BYU comes on the TV? Well, unless they're playing "our" team, we root for them. And let's be honest, how can you not root for Jimmer?

The kid is amazing! He scores on average, ON AVERAGE, 30 points a game! I don't think I have ever seen him miss a basket, but what's even better about Jimmer is the fact that he knows how to thrown an assist. He is not a ball hog, even though the 3 point line is his best friend, he can still give that ball to a teammate.

His story is pretty awesome, too. The last game they played Oswald and I wanted to know if he served a mission. So we "Googled" his name. Come to find out, his dad is a convert and his mom is a Catholic. His dad was baptized by a missionary when he was younger. That missionary's son is actually on Jimmer's team.

Jimmer did not go on a mission, but I think he's been an amazing missionary. Along with the recent press that BYU has gotten because of their honor code, BYU is also in the headlines because of this amazing young man. He's clean shaven, obeys the honor code, and can shoot the ball like no one else.

He's amazing and you better believe when they take the court, I will be cheering for those Cougars. Does that make me a bandwagon fan, maybe. But maybe not. Cuz how can you not cheer for such amazing talent?

Go Cougars!!

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