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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Milestone...

Each of my kids have done things differently, at different paces.

My Buddy, he was the slowest one. I like to think that he was more observant about his surroundings, so he took his time doing things like crawling (9 months old), getting teeth (9 months old), walking (15 1/2 months old), and really talking (2 years old). But one thing I can say about him, once he decided to do it, it was 100%. He never crawled slowly...he was by far my fastest crawler. He got two teeth at 9 months and then 6 when he turned 12 months old! Once he walked, it wasn't long before he decided to run! And don't get me started with talking...he opened his mouth and spoke in sentences. He is still quite pensive when it comes to everything, just like his Daddy.

My Princess, on the other hand, did everything super fast! Crawling (7 months old), walking (11 months old), and she talked by 18 months, but it was two words put together. She is Miss Independent and always has been. Just amazing how much faster she did things than her big brother.

Now my little man, he crawled at 6 months (army style), he says "mama" and "dada" and has been saying those two words for a couple of months. And today at 8 months old,  WE HAVE A TOOTH! It's amazing how long it's taken him to cut this one little tooth! He's been drooling for months and has been especially clingy these last few weeks. I was so excited when I put my finger in his mouth to dig out a random piece of whoknowswhat he picked up off the floor and found a tooth! The big kids and I did a happy dance of sorts!

I looked at my little man in the crib yesterday and he's getting so big. He's not really an itty-bitty baby anymore, until I hold him in my arms and nurse him, then I realize that he's just a sweet little baby who needs his mommy. I can wait for him to crawl (on hands and knees) and I can FOR SURE wait for him to walk! I don't want him to grow up too fast, can't he stay little forever?

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  1. He is so adorable! I just want to squeeze his cheeks!


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