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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I could sure use one of these right now...

I posted yesterday about how we're on the hunt for a house. No, we're not buying because no, we have not sold our house in NC yet. We do have it rented, however, so that's a huge blessing.

But we were looking forward to being able to go see another house today, one that we have already look at once. Our Realtor called today to tell us that the house has already been leased. We have heard, "I'm sorry, but that house is already leased" more times than I want to count. And that's just today.

I'm really starting to feel the crunch. I want to get my Buddy enrolled in a school that he will enjoy, one that he will be able to attend the entire year. Not one where he will go for the next month until our lease at our apartment runs out and we finally find a house to rent. I want him at his school from day one. No switching schools, unless absolutely necessary.

Yes, I know it's only kindergarten...but IT'S KINDERGARTEN!! Kindergarten is fun! Kindergarten is where you make lots of friends. Friends that you have in your classes all the way through school. It's where you learn to sit in a class, to raise your hand, to let others have a turn. It's where you learn to read, perfect your writing, start learning math. Kindergarten is important. And I want my Buddy there. It's that important to me.

So I'm frustrated because our "must have" list is pretty long and the selection in our budget is small and those that do exist are snapped up in a flash! It's hard and it's no fun at all!

It's hard to get my hopes up each time I find a new house to see, just to walk in and the rooms are the size of a postage stamp or the backyard looks like a jungle that leads to a ravine that leads to the forest.

I know there's a good house out there for us, but it's hard to see the silver lining in all of this. Maybe he's not supposed to go to the school I have been thinking about. Maybe he's supposed to go somewhere else all together? Who knows. What I do know is looking for a house is no fun.

What is your least favorite thing in the world to do?
--I loathe ironing men's shirts. I used to iron my dad's shirts as a kid. He had long-sleeved dress shirts he wore to work construction. I ironed long-sleeves and short-sleeves. It was hard work. I did get paid, though. 25 cents for a short-sleeved shirt and 50 cents for long-sleeved shirts...at the end of the day, I was rolling in dough...a whole $5!

Do you have a yummy cookie recipe?
--I have the worlds best chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe. Literally I could eat the entire batch of cookies in one sitting. Gross, I know, but they're that good!

Who is your favorite actor/actress?
--I love love love Julia Roberts. I have seen every movie she's ever made, unless they're rated R and even some of those I've seen. (I don't watch rated R movies anymore) I also love Meg Ryan...she's so cute and hilarious!


  1. I have been constantly amazed my whole life how things just seem to work out. Not always the way I thought and certainly not within my timeframe, but things do work out. There is a plan, it is not by chance as we suppose. Be prayful and faithful then you'll look back and wonder why you spent so much energy worrying. Hang in there Mommy.

  2. I second Beesha's comment...it will all work out...just believe and do all you can, the Lord will do the rest !

  3. We had the same problem when we looked for rental houses. Then we found this one and it is not what we want but exactly what we need right now.
    PS. My new favorite cookie recipe is Martha Stewart's sugar cookie recipe. Sweet Mercy, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.


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