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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Kicks

A few months ago, yes I said months, Oswald and I were with the kids doing a little shopping. Now you may or may not know this, but Oswald is a shopper. He loves to browse and he loves to buy even more. He very rarely buys for himself, but just the act of shopping makes him happy.

We were in one of our favorite stores, TJMaxx, looking at the shoes in the kids department. We were looking for flip-flops for my Princess, but found some for my Buddy instead. Such a bummer! I left the store with my Princess to go and change my Little Man's dirty diaper, so Oswald could buy the shoes for my Buddy.

Then they went over to another shoe store, can't remember the name, and found a pair of flops for my Princess. The shoes were buy one get one 1/2 prices, so he had to get these kicks for my Little Man. They are Transformers and they light up! How could a boy in our family NOT love the Transformers?

But of course the shoes were too big and he didn't even put them on until a week ago. He doesn't really like to wear them because they make his feet all clunky. He can't really get into a standing position while wearing them, so that kind of defeats the purpose of wearing shoes, right?

He sure is cute in his new kicks...wonder if he'll ever get any use out of them?

Do you like to shop or do you do it only out of necessity?
--I love to shop, but it always seems to work like this: when I have extra money to buy something, I can't find anything. When I am strapped for cash, I find all kinds of things I want to buy. Kind of makes shopping not so much fun!

What was the last thing you bought?
--I bought groceries. Tons of fun, I know! The last thing I bought for me: a white shirt I wore for some family pictures.


  1. I love little shoes! Too cute!

  2. Give him time to get used to them. Make him wear them alittle everyday. Take him outside and let him walk in them, he will be so excited he wont be trying to take them off! They are too cute not to like!

  3. I love TJMaxx! I like to buy kitchen gadgets there.


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