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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

School Schedule

Oswald on the water slide during our July trip to Florida

There is just something about being foot loose and fancy free during the summer. Not having anywhere to go at a specific time, not having anything to do at a specific time. It's lovely. But I guess the last 5 years of my life have been like this. Ever since my Buddy was 6 months old, I have been able to be home with him and do our own thing. 

Now we're down to less than 6 days until he heads to kindergarten. Let me tell you how prepared we are.

I have no idea where he will be going to school.

I have no school supplies.

We have not even started a school schedule. 

Is this bad? Or course! But not bad for him, bad for me!!

I ♥ sleeping in! It is one of my most favorite things to do in the world. But I don't always get the opportunity to sleep in as late as I would like. Often I am awoken up way to early. Usually one kid or another is in my bed with some kind of toy or another.

As for my buddy, I am certain he will do just fine waking up a little earlier and going to bed an hour earlier. Summer just kind of got us out of our normal routine. It's going to be interesting to see what happens and how this changes his little personality. 

I am very intrigued at how he will respond to being away from his mom all day. He's a tender-hearted little kid. He loves being with his mom and siblings. He loves being with us and doing fun things with us. It will be interesting to see his face when he leaves for the first time and when he climbs back into the truck after a long day. 

I wonder if he'll talk more than my Princess? (that's hard to do!)

When do your kids go back to school? Have you already started them on a school schedule?
--We start August 1st. We start so early because we get lots of week long breaks. We get a week off in September, the entire week of Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas, a week in February, Spring Break and then we're doing in May! I guess those breaks make up for starting so early.

What do you feed your kids for breakfast during the school year?
--we are real cereal eaters, but I am totally afraid that cereal will not be enough for my Buddy. But I don't necessarily want to wake up any earlier to make something. But I guess I just might need an Attitude Adjustment!
Tell me memory from when you were in school!
--I remember being in kindergarten. Being in Ms. Quinn's class and riding the bus home with my big brother. One day, I was playing outside for recess in the 6th grade and a big black bug flew in the sleeve of my shirt. I calmly held my shirt away from my body, walked over to my teacher to ask to go inside. I walked into the girls bathroom, hit that bee (or giant yellow jacket, but it was black) out of my shirt and hit the door running!! Scared the crap out of me!!

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  1. Starting August 1st seems so early! Isn't that less than a week away? I hope you find a school for him fast!


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