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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation Recovery

We went out to the lake for one last hurrah last weekend! It was a blast, I rode on the tube and tried a knee board for the first time ever!!

But after three days of being thrown from one end of Lake Succession to the other, my body was ready for some R & R.

Yesterday, besides being stressed and having to go to the grocery store, I pretty much just chilled all day long! It was really nice, but now I can see piles of laundry staring at me. I have a dishwasher that needs to be started. A table that needs clearing. All this mess just makes me even more stressed!

What the heck??

I guess it might be time to set my timer again--and see how much work I can get done. Especially since my Little Man is crashed out right now.

Time to get off the blog and get to work!!

What is the hardest part about going on vacation?
--for me it's the laundry waiting for me when I get home. It's a shame you have to wear any clothes when you're on vacation!

What's the best part about vacation?
--not having any worries. 

Favorite vacation of all time?
--When Oswald and I went to Argentina. It was fun being with him and seeing where he served his mission, plus the food was delish!

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