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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finally did some decorating!

I know that this picture is totally what you want to see! Ha!

But seriously, at my apartment, I never hung a single picture. The only decoration in my house was on the book shelf and there were few pictures on that. But not in this house...it took a few months, (I have a good excuse, remember ) but I finally convinced Oswald to help me out when it came to hanging pictures. (He's pretty meticulous about the way he measures things and hangs things. I knew better than to try to do it on my own!)

Here he is hanging a picture his Aunt painted of the desert in Arizona. I seriously love this picture because it reminds me of home. I also love the warm colors it brings into my house and if you didn't know...we are huge lovers of the color orange.

And all because I got the camera out, this little one decided to show off! He is such a cheese face when the camera is out. You just have to point it in his direction and he's all smiles!

Don't those big brown eyes just melt your heart?


  1. So fun to decorate a new place!

  2. He is such a doll (Kevin too :)) and I LOVE that painting! Fabulous color!

  3. Decorating is an evolution, of you, your family, your activities and passions. Pictures hanging on the wall of those you things and people you love will just make you happier!


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