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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Great Christmas Decor Debate

Christmas in North Carolina 2 years ago our tree is currently still in the garage.

There is a debate going on at our house right now, do we set up the Christmas tree and all of the holiday decorations or do we wait a little longer?

Here is the problem, we have a very "busy" 15 month old in our house. And by busy I mean, he is into everything. He pushes buttons on the DVD player, we tell him "no". He carries shoes all around the house, we tell him "no". He's into everything. Today he took a toy thermometer and pushed the water button on the fridge and water poured all down his arm! He's busy!

Oswald doesn't want to have to constantly tell him "no, don't touch that." I don't blame him. I get tired of saying "no". I think we all get tired of saying "no".

So what do we do? Do we postpone decorating? doing that makes me feel like it's not even the holiday's. Do we only decorate in places he can't reach? or do we just decorate the way we want to and spend the next month saying, "no"?

It's a tough call. I want to get out the decorations and make my house feel festive. I am ready to see Christmas lights and to feel the joy the holidays bring.

But decorating is a lot of work and I will need to put my fall decorations away in order to get the Christmas ones in place. It's a tough call. Maybe I'll let Oswald make that decision.


  1. That is a tough call! Maybe set up your tree and block it off with a baby yard gate?

  2. You can certainly feel the holidays when there are decorations up. I would put up the kid friendly decor so when he touches you wont be panicked that he will ruin them. Kids never learn boundaries if they are not given opportunities to make the choices. As parents, you will always be saying "no" until they leave the house! I think he is pretty smart to figure out how to get water out of the frig!


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