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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My handyman...

(Oswald and his right hand man!)

A few months ago, I told Oswald that I wanted a place to keep our shoes and to hang our coats. It always seemed that every day we would end up with a pile of shoes and coats by the front door. We went to TJMaxx to see if we could buy something, but what I wanted was going to cost $150! I just couldn't see spending that much money for a shoe rack!

(please pay no attention to my dirty garage and pay lots of attention to how serious he looks!)

So I did some wifely duties and helped bolster his self-esteem and convinced him that he could do this. We talked about what size I would like it to be and how many hooks I wanted to hang coats. And within minutes we were at Lowe's buying lumber, screws, wood glue, and hooks. They made the cuts for us, since we don't own a saw.

And ta-da....this is what I got!! A totally awesome shoe rack. We talked about putting baskets in the big openings, but I still have yet to find ones I like. But at least the shoes have a home and when I look at my entryway I don't see a huge mess!!


  1. I think that looks great!! Maybe throw some kid handprints on there to give some contrast from the white!! Oh, and by the way, everyones garage looks like that!! haha.


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