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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I took a break

I have been measuring myself for almost a month now, and I decided to take a break this week. I got a little frustrated with the fact that my measurements went up this last week. I got down on myself, but I didn't give up. It pretty much strengthened my resolve to get smaller!

One thing I am fighting is the belly bulge still. My belly is the first place I gain weight, so I am fully aware that it will be the last place I lose any weight.

I have still been running and getting better and doing it more frequently.

It's been hard to eat right. This weekend was my Little Man's birthday. We also had a party at church. I made 2 cakes, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and so much more stuff! I can't believe I gave in to the smell of yumminess in my house!

I had a piece of cake...several cookies...and I did not exercise Friday, Saturday or Sunday!!

I felt so lazy and like I needed to bury my head in shame. But on Monday I picked myself up and ran 2.5 miles on my own...and walked .5 for a total of 3 miles!! It was awesome!

So I am back on track feeling well and my milk doesn't seem to be effected at all by what I am doing. It's great to be feeling good and fighting the fat!!

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