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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Team Sports

My Buddy is in 1st grade now, and I think he's ready for a team sport. He's never made mention that he would like to play any of the "traditional" sports like soccer, baseball or basketball. Not that I don't want him to learn those sports, I do, but I don't like how they take over your whole life. Plus starting so young seems like a lot to me.

We chose not to start him on any sports when he was in Kindergarten for several reasons:
  1. A full day of school is a big deal when you've been home with your mom all day every day. It's exhausting.
  2. Starting a sport at the same time you're getting homework for the first time is tough. You'll want to play sports instead of doing homework. We wanted to build good habits.
  3. Running all around town several days a week, plus games was not something we wanted to start last year. I've heard so many people complain about running their kid from one thing to the next. Not something I wanted to do at all!
So I guess putting off team sports has been more my idea than his.

But this year is different. He's almost 7 years old. The sport he's chosen is one his dad LOVES. He's learning how to have more self-confidence and he's learning how to become more nimble on his feet. 

Last Saturday, my Buddy had his evaluations for Roller Hockey!!

He was a lot better than I expected. He got on those skates and took off! He looked at me and told me, "I loved it and I never want to quit!" So fun!

He is learning all kinds of things. It's so cool to see him learn. To see how is brain is taking in everything he's being taught. It doesn't matter who is teaching him, he is so ready and willing to learn.

We're excited about this season of hockey!

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  1. It is hard to believe anyone is more excited than Dziedze! I hope he has a great fun learning experience. I am amazed that Isaac is do willing to jump in and go with something so different than what he knows. I am excited for his self confidence in tackling something new!


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