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Monday, October 29, 2012

Another pin, put to the test!!

Let me make that two pins put to the test!!

Today we tried this pin and let me just say, it was super yummy! I added chicken because it's almost a travesty if Oswald doesn't get to eat meat. He'll do it every once in a while, but he mostly is a meat eater!

It was a hit and even my kids ate it! And the best part, it probably only cost $5 to make the entire recipe which fed 5 of us!! Talk about awesome!!

I watched Super Size Me today and I don't know if I will ever look at fast food the same way ever again! Just so eye opening. So to eat this healthy meal today was a score!

On Saturday we tried this recipe. Oswald did most of the cooking because I was doing something, don't really remember what I was doing.

It was super yummy, but we did have a few complaints. It is way too many steps! Some times the won-ton wrappers would fall off the pan when we were trying to make them into taco shells. But the flavor was super delicious and she gives all the nutritional information for each recipe! Which is a win in my book! So if you're looking for some healthy recipes, here are two I have tried recently!!

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  1. I tried the first recipe without rice or meat and added corn and alittle taco seasoning and it was really good! Oh I skipped the cheese and just ate with a few tortilla chips. It was very good and satisfying. Thanks for the tip.


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