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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pin this, people!

I have been using different cleaning tricks around my house. Most of the cleaning tricks I use involve vinegar, Dawn dish soap, and baking soda or any variations of the three. Oswald like to tease me that everything I use these days has vinegar in it!

When you add my new cleaning fixation to the fact that I have a gas stove for the first time in my life and it's super dirty, you get a girl who wants to test out a different cleaning method.

Nasty, I know! But I don't enjoy cleaning my stove top, so it takes a back burner (pun intended)!

So I decided to put baking soda down...and pour vinegar over the top of it. I know, it totally makes a reaction that I was honestly hoping would help scrape the gunk off my stove top!

I did have to bust out an old toothbrush to help scrub off the crusty stuff, but let's face it, my stove was NASTY!! I bet most people would only have to put the vinegar and soda on and it would disappear!

Here it is after I cleaned it off with a rag and warm water. So sparkly!!

Now I just need an awesome way to clean the grates...and my stove would be like new!!


  1. Very cool! You left out the big ingredient ..elbow grease! I wonder if baking soda and vinegar would clean my glass top?

  2. The grates come clean super easy with ammonia. Found it on Pinterest. (Like I found this post) Put the grate in a gallon sized bag add ammonia - just enough to wet things 1/4 cup maybe-- zip it up sit it outside overnight. In the morning all the junk will wipe right off. WARNING.. I have the same grates you have, when I did this I noticed some of the paint bubbling. Not sure if it was already there. I probably would not have noticed through all the crusted up cheese.


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