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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

me--an update

My mother-in-law paid me a compliment. We were talking about how I'm "bringing sexy back" and that particular morning, I had gotten up early to go running before my Buddy had a hockey game. I was up before the sun and before the whole rest of the family.

She said, "I admire you." She paused, like she was going to say something else. Then she said, "for a lot of things. I admire you, let's leave it at that."

So cool to hear those words. I know that she loves me, but it's nice to hear the words and nice to know that people see what I do and how hard I work in my life.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. When I first looked at them, I felt a little disappointed. I still have a belly and I am not as thin as I thought I was. But then I looked at them again, and took a good look at these pictures here and here and now I am very pleased with where I am and what I have achieved!

I am much thinner than I was. I put on a size 10 skirt that I bought before my Buddy was born and I was able to zip it up and feel comfortable in it! I ran, for the first time in my life, 3.77 miles the other day!

When I do my exercise videos, I am more confident and more flexible and able to do the yoga moves.

The other day, I posted this on Facebook:

So I just have to brag...I know people don't like when others post about their workouts...but I am so darn proud of myself! I do the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown when I can get out to run. One of the moves is a back bend pushup. I've never been able to do it before, but today I did! I only did one, but it proves that I'm getting stronger and I am so excited!!

I got nothing but words of encouragement. Through this weight-loss journey, I have gotten nothing but encouragement. I love to hear people tell me they can see how I am dropping the pounds. I love how much better my clothes fit. I love being able to run more than I ever have. And I especially love having the strength it takes to make the change.

I still have 30lbs I would like to lose and go down two more dress sizes. I know it might take another 6 months to get there, but I am willing to do the work. During the holidays will be the hardest, but I have an amazing support system in Oswald. He is always so willing to help me get my exercise in no matter what it takes. 


  1. Reminds me of the story of how a few, genuinely kind words can make such a difference in your day and sometimes help mold your self esteem. Likewise, unkind or thoughtless comments can sting and tear down our self esteem and influence how we treat others. That thought just came to my mind as I read your post. There is always positive things to see and say as we go about our day. I did not make the compliment lightly and did not mean to encompass only one part of your life. Keep up the good work Jennie! Good hard work always has great payoffs!

  2. SO, SO AWESOME! Seriously I love hearing all these awesome successes! I LOVE seeing you on your own little journey, and making wonderful changes and feeling so good about yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!


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