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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Every year our school participates in what is called Reflections. The kids are given a theme and they have to use some form of artistic medium to capture what THEY think the theme is. This year it was "The Magic of a Moment"
The artistic mediums they could use are: markers, paint, crayons, photography, music, dance, videography, etc.
 My kids chose paint and markers. We didn't find out about it until the very last minute, but they still had fun making their art projects and they were super excited because every kid gets a t-shirt and a trophy-no matter what!


My kids each won 2nd prize, too! That means they move on to the county level. Their art will be judged among all the other kids in the county who participated in Reflections.

Here they are with their works of art. My Princess made a caterpillar with her fingers, a picture of her with a blue bow and then a butterfly (which is hidden my her name tag).

My Buddy drew a hockey player (shocker!) who was scoring his first goal. He drew swirls of wind at the hockey players back. 

The look on my Princess' face when she sat down with her trophy was priceless. I wish I could have captured that look. Who cares how they do on the next level, they had fun and love their awards! 
Maybe one of my kids will inherit their great-great grandmother's artistic abilities.


  1. Very cool art, awards and trophies! Very happy kids and very cute pics! Good job Maylee and Isaac!

  2. Way cool! So excited for their big wins!


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