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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thanksgiving--Florida Style

We went to Florida this November to spend Thanksgiving with Oswald's parents. We were there for a week and really enjoyed our time there.

Oswald was in Orlando for the first few days, his parents were at work, so the kids and I headed to the park.

My kiddos love the park, but this day my Princess was being a little stubborn. I hope her stubbornness benefits her for the good when she's older!

She did eventually cheer up and we had a good time despite the super cold temperatures.

Beesha had a few days off work, so we went to another park...this one had monkey bars. My kids wanted to go from one end to the other so bad. My Buddy, after trying over and over, finally succeeded!!

Later that night, he was complaining about his arms hurting. It took a few minutes, but I finally realized why...he had been swinging from the monkey bars all morning long!

The next day, Oswald came home from his meetings. As a family, we headed to the Jacksonville Zoo. We had so much fun!! 

We love our trips to Jacksonville, even though this year it was too cold to head to the beach! Can't wait for our next visit!!

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